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If someone has already said this, please forgive me.
Recording audio
CD-RW will play on only multiple use CDROMs such as a DVD or
CD-RW drive.
CD-R will play in an audio player or multiple use CD drive.

If you want to record music on a CD-R you can do that, if
you don't close or finish the CD-R then you can go back in
and add more to it later.  Once you close or finish the CD-R
you cannot write anymore to it again.

If you want to rewrite to a CD-RW then you must play it in
the CD-RW drive or DVD drive to hear it.  This would allow
you to record, erase, re-record, etc.  Still won't play on
the stereo or any mini-player, but will work.


Kerry Hoath wrote:
> The newer the cd player the more likely it will read cdrw.
> Many new diskmans will do cdrw so you could patch in the diskman into the mixer;
> or similar. Some of those cheap mp3cd diskmans also do cdrw and also do audio cd on cdrw.
> Regards, Kerry.
> On Tue, Feb 05, 2002 at 11:02:43PM +0100, Victor Tsaran wrote:
> > Hi, Kerry!
> > Thanks a lot for your explanation. I tried already two CD RW's of different
> > brands, but no luck. This is quite unfortunate because I was hoping that I
> > could record, use the CD for my rehearsals  and rewrite multiple times.
> > Best,
> > Victor
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