Questions - Speakup w/Accent-SA & VIAVOICE

William F. Acker WB2FLW +1-303-777-8123 wacker at
Mon Feb 4 22:42:25 EST 2002

On Mon, 4 Feb 2002, Monty Lilburn wrote:

> I am using Speakup V1.0 with V2.4.18-pre2 of the kernel and the Accent SA
> synthesizer.  I do not exclusively use speakup, it is primarily used only
> when I need to access my main linux console, though I hope to use it more
> as it develops!
Please outline the ways in which Speakup needs to develop before you can 
use it seriously.  Speakup is all I use.

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Are you a phone freak too?

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