Hardware questions.

Gregory Nowak gnowak1 at uic.edu
Mon Feb 4 18:27:07 EST 2002

Someone on this list posted a while back that plextor is the best kind of burner to get, as you can supposedly upgrade their firmware from gnu/linux.

On Mon, Feb 04, 2002 at 12:32:43PM -0500, Thomas Ward wrote:
> Hi, Anna. Well, If you want to go laptop IBM has some laptop's that are 99%
> Linux compatible, but they do cary a heavy price tag.
> The IBM t23 and the IBM T22 series are just a couple of examples.
> However, it is much better to build a desktop, for many reasons. You can
> upgrade anything it yourself if you have the ability to do that kind of
> thing. You know exactly the hardware in the box, and you can make it 100%
> Linux compatible right out of the box. most of all it is usually much
> cheaper than a laptop.
> and here is what I would use for hardware.
> Soundcard: Soundblaster Live value or Soundblaster Live Platnem.
> Modem: 3com USR Linux modem. This is the only modem 100% that clames to be
> officially supported. Although there are plenty of others that can be used.
> Printer: Lexmark z53 ink jet.Wonderful printer, and even comes with Red Hat
> drivers right out of the box. Easy to config.
> Scanner: HP 6390 scannerSCSI .It is a pretty decent SCSI scanner and OCR
> Shop support's it.
> As far as vidio cards go try and get ATI Rage, because most ATI's are
> supported by Linux. Especially, if you plan to use X in the future.
> As far as rom burner goes I am sure everyone will give you a different make
> and moddle. I use a creative burner, and thus far haven't had much trouble,
> but you can probably use HP, Philips, Sony, or whatever sounds good to you.
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> Subject: Hardware questions.
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> > Once again, thank you everyone for your help.  Here's another round of
> > questions.
> >
> > It was recommended to me by someone on this list that I make sure that the
> > hardware I get with my computer is Linux and speech compatible.  Or maybe
> > it was just Linux.  So that when I order my computer, I can be specific.
> > I would like to go laptop if possible, but I understand that that may not
> > work.  Again, if people could please go from experience.  I do think I
> > will wind up using a combination of Speakup with Red Hat and Emacs with
> > Emacspeak which I know is Linux too but if it's important, well you all
> > know.  Please define acronyms and other computer terminology as you answer
> > or you are going to get a lot of "what did that mean questions".  Remember
> > I'm learning not only about Linux but Im' catching up with the computer
> > world in general so I'm major out of the loop.
> >
> > Thank you ago.  Here goes.
> >
> > Can people here recommend based on experience:
> >
> > a certain type of Cd burner?  I was led to understand that this is better
> > than CD ROM because it can be used to write to as well as to read from.
> >
> > a printer.  I don't know that I need color printing, but I do need one
> > that is fairly flexible in terms of formatting.  I will, for example, need
> > to print everything from standard documents to labels and invoices.
> >
> > a sound card
> >
> > a video card.  This should be decent quality.  I'm an artist and I use a
> > lot of color, and in the event that I ever find a way to play with my
> > images on the computer, even if it's through a hired assistant, I should
> > have decent color capability.  It does not have to be top of the line,
> > just decent.
> >
> > modem.  I was led to understand by a friend that for laptop there are
> > actually modem cards that can be taken in and out of a slot that can also
> > be used for data cards and things.  This would be nice, but I'm willing to
> > listen to all modem suggestions.
> >
> > And last of all scanners.  Some debate seems to have occurred on this
> > issue and it's left me very confused.  OCR shop is looking good to me at
> > present.  If there are other options please explain, but in the meantime,
> > can anyone recommend a brand and model of SCSI scanner, and what will I
> > need in order to hook it into my computer?
> >
> > If there's anything hardware wise I've left out, please feel free to
> > mention it as well.
> >
> > Thank you again.  And of course, references to sources of info on the web
> > are always welcome.
> >
> > Anna
> >
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