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Sat Feb 2 19:23:37 EST 2002


I've mucked around a bit in Mutt today--been meaning to for some time ...

I'm stuck on a couple of config points at the moment:

1.)	Where/how do I get rid of headers I don't want to see by default 
when I pull a message into view? In Pine there's a configuration option 
"viewer-hdrs=" which I've set to "From" so that's all I see when I view a 
message--who it's from. If I want more, the 'h' command brings up a 
display of the message headers. Can I do something similar in Mutt? The 
way it's coming up now is awfully heavy on headers I don't want to see 
generally speaking;

2.)	In Pine when I enter a message to view it, speakup just starts 
chatting. I've got my cursor tracking, of course. At the moment I have to 
press the plus key on the numeric keypad to read the screen in Mutt which 
certainly isn't as convenient or as fast. How does this work for you?

PS: I think I'd like to see your muttrc as well, if you would.

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