spell checking mail, was: Re: apology to the list

Gregory Nowak gnowak1 at uic.edu
Fri Feb 1 23:50:54 EST 2002

I've tried using emacs' spellcheck, but found it confusing, so I just gave up. If your script is simpler Chuck, then could you please send me a copy? Thanks.

On Fri, Feb 01, 2002 at 04:44:59PM -0500, Charles Hallenbeck wrote:
> I see my last message came around twice; sorry for that. Somehow
> I ended up replying to the list with a CC to the list.
> While we are bitching about things, my own pet peeve is email
> messages full of typos and spellos. You folks with eyes usually
> compensate  automatically for such nonsense, but those of us who
> rely on speech synthesizers are cursed (blessed?) with a device
> that tells us exactly what it sees. I have recently implemented a
> short script which is invoked as an alternate editor by pine
> instead of its regular composer. That script first calls a real
> editor ("nano" in my case) and then it calls "ispell" against the
> same file. I automatically have to spell check my compositions
> before pine will let me send them. If anybody wants more details
> (hint hint, KW!) I will be glad to supply them.
> This list is getting to be a pain in the ass to read lately, but
> I presume the mood will change when the phase of the moon changes
> or something.
> Chuck
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