apology to the list

William F. Acker WB2FLW +1-303-777-8123 wacker at octothorp.org
Fri Feb 1 21:49:13 EST 2002

Very strange.  When I started my reply to this message, Pine wanted to 
send two copies also.  Must be something in the headers.  I agree with 
you, Chuck as well as Brian.  But I've just gotta ask.  Do we have to have 
the ASCII art that recently started appearing at the bottom of your 
messages?  What's it supposed to represent?


On Fri, 1 Feb 2002, Charles Hallenbeck wrote:

> I see my last message came around twice; sorry for that. Somehow
> I ended up replying to the list with a CC to the list.
> While we are bitching about things, my own pet peeve is email
> messages full of typos and spellos. You folks with eyes usually
> compensate  automatically for such nonsense, but those of us who
> rely on speech synthesizers are cursed (blessed?) with a device
> that tells us exactly what it sees. I have recently implemented a
> short script which is invoked as an alternate editor by pine
> instead of its regular composer. That script first calls a real
> editor ("nano" in my case) and then it calls "ispell" against the
> same file. I automatically have to spell check my compositions
> before pine will let me send them. If anybody wants more details
> (hint hint, KW!) I will be glad to supply them.
> This list is getting to be a pain in the ass to read lately, but
> I presume the mood will change when the phase of the moon changes
> or something.

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