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Chris Peterson capeterson at
Fri Feb 1 20:32:59 EST 2002

> But, what do you mean "intended?" Do you mean you "intend" me to see
> certain fonts, and certain types of layout in your message? It ain't gonna

Of course not.  I can't see them any better than you can.  Assuming you
can't see jack, which I can't.  I was simply making the point that I
intentionally, when posing the message in O E, went to the format menu and
made sure "Rich Text-html" was checked.  And, as you pointed out, it didn't
cause a problem.  The message was completely readable.  In fact, I've been
going through this, and I'm not sure how to make o e not send a plain-text
attachment that pine will display.  I'd assume outlook is the same way.

As far as insults are concerned, I consider it to be an insult when two days
after I join a list, I see more bad behavior than I've seen in the last
year.  So, while the things that sighted people, or even some blind people,
do may annoy some of you, some of the things you do annoy me too.  The
difference is, you don't see me bitching and moning about the way people
quote, or their typos, or the char set their message is in, or the way they
include long useless signatures that I never read anyway, or any number of
things that I find frustrating.  But, I do feel it important to make you all
aware of the bad taste this community has left in my mouth after only a
short time.

Why is that?

Because everybody talks and nobody listens.  There are people that are
trying to get answers to their questions and they have to wade through this
bs.  And all because some blink felt winy this morning.

Well I feel winy some mornings too, but I don't take it into e-mail.

> happen, pal. This is not what goes down here--except perhaps for those on
> this list who look at mail with their eyes on their video monitors. If

Those who look at mail with their eyes are here because they want to be.  KW
is interested primarily because his room mate, and a number of his friends,
are blind.  He enjoys the interaction with them and the occasional
opportunity to help now and them.  He, and all of the other sighted people
on the list, have the same goals we do.  We all want to make linux as
accessible as it can be, which is far more than Windows will ever be.  This
benefits us, but it also benefits those in the sighted community too.

I guess, though, you're from the school that says that sight is a handicap
and that we don't welcome their kind here.  Well, I disagre.  I've heard
that enough from people who were to narrow-minded to accept me.  I refuse to
be a part of a group that would treat anybody this way.  Even

> Actually, most power users I know of use text interfaces a lot. It's the
> only way to get much work done. But, I guess you don't know about that
> yet.

Well, KW already did a good job of addressing this issue.  All I can add is
that, for many years, I've been productively getting work done on Windows.
I don't have anything bad to say about it.  But, I'm a geek and I like to
program and I'm fascinated by the idea of an opensource o s because I can
learn a lot from it.  Speakup seems to be a good way to make the console of
a linux box accessible to me, and I want to learn about it and possibly help
to make it better.  And, I guess I want to be able to share what ever I can
with other blind people no matter how annoying they might be to me.

Well this has gotten way to long already.  Perhaps we can now move on to
something constructive.


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