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Amanda Lee amanda at
Fri Feb 1 18:12:30 EST 2002

Set pine to showcursor just use m to go to the main menu, s to  settings and
w to for whereis to get to showsursor and press enter on that to check it.

Save by pressing e to exit y to save the changes and cursor tracking should
work better.

Also I didn't see html code while using pine earlier today in the message
which alledgeled was all html.  I was using pine version 4.41 at
least/forget  which one Ken Scott is up to as he's always putting up the

Suggest anyone who ahs pine 4.21 to upgrade.

obviously, turn headers off because  unless you really need to know, you
really don't need to know! <grinn!>

Amanda Lee

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> Well, that shows my ignorance of pine.
> I haven't used it for several years, but I just tried it out and had no
> trouble with reading html mail.  I also had no trouble reading it in elm.
> So, perhaps the better solution would be to distribute a version of pine
> with defaults that are screen reader friendly?  Supressing these warnings
> would be a start.
> Another thing I noticed, on the pine I was using, is that the cursor
> track the highlight bar so I can't use the read current line command to
> figure out what message I'm on in the message index...etc.  It seems to me
> that there used to be a way to toggle cursor tracking, but I didn't find
> when I was playing around with pine 4.10 today.
> This would be a constructive way of trying to avoid these discussions.
> Chris
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> > On Fri, 1 Feb 2002, Chris Peterson wrote:
> >
> > > Perhaps pine could even be modified to allow you to access links
> > > in an html message.  Thats where I find html to be really useful.  I
> > > like the fact that, in Windows, I can press enter on a url in a
> > > and almost immediately access the page.
> > This has nothing to do with html, and this feature has been in Pine for
> > years now.
> >
> > Yes, that's right, all those urls in Pine text messages are "clickable"
> > the mousy crowd calls them.
> >
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