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Chris Peterson capeterson at
Fri Feb 1 18:00:18 EST 2002

Well, that shows my ignorance of pine.

I haven't used it for several years, but I just tried it out and had no
trouble with reading html mail.  I also had no trouble reading it in elm.

So, perhaps the better solution would be to distribute a version of pine
with defaults that are screen reader friendly?  Supressing these warnings
would be a start.

Another thing I noticed, on the pine I was using, is that the cursor doesn't
track the highlight bar so I can't use the read current line command to
figure out what message I'm on in the message index...etc.  It seems to me
that there used to be a way to toggle cursor tracking, but I didn't find it
when I was playing around with pine 4.10 today.

This would be a constructive way of trying to avoid these discussions.


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> On Fri, 1 Feb 2002, Chris Peterson wrote:
> > Perhaps pine could even be modified to allow you to access links imbeded
> > in an html message.  Thats where I find html to be really useful.  I
> > like the fact that, in Windows, I can press enter on a url in a message
> > and almost immediately access the page.
> This has nothing to do with html, and this feature has been in Pine for
> years now.
> Yes, that's right, all those urls in Pine text messages are "clickable" as
> the mousy crowd calls them.
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