So much Windows Mailer crap on this list...

Thomas Stivers stivers_t at
Fri Feb 1 15:00:57 EST 2002

As I have to use windows for access to most of the important things on my
school's web site and I don't like rebooting 3 times a day I am stuck using
windows for most tasks, however I too am really annoyed by the charset stuff
in pine. I was wondering if one could use procmail to have it simply change
the charset message in the header before pine ever sees the mail? I don't
really know very much about procmail so this idea may be off base, but
something that says
if charset is not iso8859-1
charset = iso8859-1
Sorry for my choice of e-mail programs, but one must do as the institution
demands. *smile*

Ps. Even mor annoying imho than the malformed html messages are the rants
that start up on this topic on blindness related e-mail lists about once a

Thomas Stivers
stivers_t at
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> Yeah, I rarely agree with KW.  But when is it that we as a bunch of
> blinkies will stop living in somebody else's World?
> Best I can suggest is to get over it or not subscribe to any mailing
> lists.  I appreciate it when people don't use html in messages but by the
> same token, I am not at liberty to dictate to them how they are to post
> mail and from what medium.  I've been using pine for years and I just
> spoze that most of the nuisances are just that and they surely don't
> mess-up my whole damn! day! ha!
> Amanda Lee
> P.S. find where your Delet Key is and if you need a lesson on how to use
> it, then maybe someone will show you!
> On Fri, 1 Feb 2002, Kirk Wood wrote:
> > I have several things to say about the whole thing. The first is that if
> > you find 3 lines of information that bothersome, you should consult your
> > doctor about this. Perhaps with some counseling and pills you can get
> > anger in check. Get for f__ real. I am not sure why my pine doesn't
> > display a bunch of tags. It rarely does and it is version 4.21.
> >
> > The second thing I wonder is when did Kirk R die? Why the hell do we
> > people who can't configure their GD computers making demands? How the
> > do you know that people aren't in the process of converting? How the
> > do you know that someone posting from a windows machine is not stuck
> > their company computer?
> >
> > Here is a suggestion: help those who bother you or shut the hell up!
> > to the offender (privately) and explain your beef. When you see the
> > occasional messge about character set just skip the next 32 lines. If
> > are above moron level you already know what they are on.
> >
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