So much Windows Mailer crap on this list...

Amanda Lee amanda at
Fri Feb 1 12:08:19 EST 2002

In Outlook or OE, go to Tools then Options and ctrl tab to the desired
page and nuke it.  I don't want html primarily because I don't trust it's
content muchtheless it's a pain to rad with all mail clients across

Amanda Lee

On Fri, 1 Feb 2002, Steve Holmes wrote:

> In response to the issues raised about windows mailer crap, let me offer
> some suggestions that should make things more bareable with minimal fus:
> 1. Yes, if using outlook, please, please turn off HTML messages.  Sorry,
> don't remember exactly which options to set but it is doable and I've done
> it before in the past.  At work, I have outlook set to create plain
> text messages by default.
> 2. for Pine users until the outlook stuff gets cleaned up, there is
> something you can do to make the impact of HTML minimal.  Go into Pine's
> setup options and change settings.  Enable the 'prefer-plain-text' option;
> this will put plain text portions first and cause the reader to go through
> less noise to get to the message body.  There's still a couple lines
> mentioning the other part but I find it to be a lot better.
> 3. Another deal is the character sets.  I sure wish pine could offer an
> option to turn this off.  If as many people as possible can do this, set
> your default character set to iso-8859-1.  If everyone does this, we won't
> get those three bothersome lines at the top of the message.  I do realize
> there are international folks who lagitimately use other char sets but at
> least the windows-12343 or whatever would go away.
> Just some ideas.
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