So much Windows Mailer crap on this list...

Charles Crawford CCrawford at
Fri Feb 1 10:11:49 EST 2002


	The following message is written in the Charlie Crawford character set and 
is likely therefore to be nonssense.


	Well, I don't much care for the little greeting that meets me when I open 
something done in whatever that other character set is.  I do also use 
Windows as I am doing right now, but hope my plain text settings are holding.

	Otherwise I guess I don't care as you say.  Email is email from wherever 
it comes.  Only the garbage stuff is a drag.  I too hate 100 lines of 
header.  So if we ask that everyone do what they can to reduce the clutter 
in their mail, then we would all be better off.

-- Charlie Crawford.


You are now leaving the Charlie Crawford character set.  The rest of your 
life may not make sense.

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