So much Windows Mailer crap on this list...

Brian Borowski brianb at
Fri Feb 1 07:20:50 EST 2002

I guess this has been discussed bofore, but I can't help doing it again.
Why do so many people use outlook and other Windows utilities to post to
this list?  It's understandable if you're a new user, but doing it for a
year or two, makes me wonder; if you're a Windows user and never want to
use linux to do your stuff; get off the list, and stop polluting it with
crap.  If you're a  windows user, and insist on posting (especially for
some of those high-volume posters), then change your settings so that we
don't have to se a couple of Kbytes of header, and shut off the damn html
repeat of your message that shows up at the end.  It may come as a big
surprise to some people, but when us people who use pine and other mail
readers have to go through hundreds of messages; we don't want to see
(hear) all that garbage; it's a nuisance, and it slows us down terribly,
just trying to get through the list.

Also, I'm in complete agreement with the complaints about including
messages including messages, including messages within eachother until
things get huge; it's a waste of bandwidth, and time.  I also notice, that
some users seem to post multiple copies of their messages; please, have
pity on us who read our mail?  While I'm complaining:
Why do people include 50 or 100 lines of others messages, and then put
their one line comment about it right at the end of all that stuff?  My
advice, is that if you're going to include all that stuff, and have five or
ten words to say about; why not put your comment at the top, and save us
all that reading through stuff we've probably already seen before  so many

Brian Borowski

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