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Gregory Nowak greg at
Thu Aug 29 14:23:04 EDT 2002

Yeah, I offer webmail on my site for that very same reason. When I tell my friends that they can also log into the system and get an actual shell prompt at which they could learn how to use GNU/Linux without installing it on their boxes, I get "oh ... well that's hard". When I insist that it's not hard at all, the end result is still "well, I just think I'll stick to webmail because it's easier". Has windblows made people's brains turn to mush, or what?

On Thu, Aug 29, 2002 at 12:41:47PM -0500, Raul A. Gallegos wrote:
> I totally agree Ann.  But life and trends being the way they are right now
> there is nothing we can do about html messages.  I am not big on webmail for
> that exact reason yet I have it on my site for my friends who use
> to check their email?  Why? because these friends of mine don't
> know better.  I tease them about it.  So am I advocating html and web usage
> for email?  Probably if you look at it that way, but I don't like it.
> PS: Just as a smartass remark, there are more than just ftp, telnet, http,
> pop3 style traffic on the web, oops on the net.  lol.  But I'm sure you know
> that.  As I said, smiling big as I'm being a smartass.
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