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Ann Parsons akp at
Thu Aug 29 13:06:12 EDT 2002

Hi all,

Yeh, Raul, that's true, very true, but email is supposed to be email
and HTML is supposed to be kept where it belongs, on the web.  Maybe
I'm a purist, but darn it all, the Net has four main parts to it:
ftp, email, telnet and html.  The Net is not sononymous with the web!
The web is on the net, but all the net is not the web.  I just want
some kind of separation folks!  Email is email and should, if really
taken to its final outcome, be run by engines and software that are
accessed via email messages, not via the web.  But I preach in vain, I
preach in vain.  People yack about The Web when they mean The Net.
People *will* send email in HTML because they don't know any better
way to do it, and Billy-Boy gates perpetuates the myth.  "They don't
make email the way they used to..." said in an old quavery voice.

Ann P.

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