Extracting cd tracks

Mitchell Smith mjs at datafast.net.au
Sat Aug 24 02:49:12 EDT 2002

You might want to look at the cdparanoia program.  I have found it to be
more usable than cdda2wav, and it has a very helpful man page.

Hope this helps.

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> Hi all.  For the first time now that I finally have a burner, I've been
> reading the helpscreen for cdda2wav and am trying to figure out how to get
> certain tracks in a file.  I'm obviously missing something as always.
> I've been doing like
> cdda2wav followed by space then a dash lowercase t then plus sign followed
> by tracknumbers followed by numbers separated by pluses
> I've sometimes ended up with either track 1 alone in a file, or maybe if
> I've wanted say, tracks 3 thru 10, I'll only end up with the first 2.
> Sometimes I've seen a filename of audio dot wav, or a filename like plus 1
> plus 2 dot wav.
> In any case, can I get the proper sequence??  Should there also be a way
> to just specify any particular single track if you only want 1, other than
> track 1??
> Or, is there something more feasible that you're all using other than
> cdda2wav?
> And finally, for playback, any other recommendations besides cdplayer??
> The only keys I get to work with it are arrows to move to different
> tracks, and a down arrow which does stop it but always opens the drive.
> Nothing on the numpad works, since they are speakup keys.  I've even
> pushed numlock with no luck.  Oh well.  That's it for now.  Thanks as
> always.
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