dynamic dns

Gregory Nowak greg at romuald.net.eu.org
Wed Aug 21 18:24:02 EDT 2002

Hi all.

I have a lan with currently 3 client boxes on it. Two of these are win98, and one is slackware. Most of the time, I've got only one of them powered up on a daily basis. However, I would like to setup dhcp on my lan for the purpose of broadening my knowledge and experience. 

I've read the dhcp howto and man pages, and understand how to set it all up. However, I like to refer to my lan machines by name rather then by ip address. I've read the dynamic dns section in the bind manual, but it simply points me to rfc bla bla, and describes how to setup secure keys for doing the zone transfers. From what I understand, these keys are only needed when transfering dynamic dns data between 2 name servers, and not between a client and dns server. Also, I'm not very enthusiastic about going through long rfcs. Also, the howtos I've read say that bind 9 (9.2.1 in my case) can do dynamic dns, but they don't describe it.

My planned scenario is a simple one.

I would have a domain called lan (it's internal, so who cares if it's a legal domain or not). The valid clients would be assigned ip addresses in the range to I'm making the range this large so that if my lan continues to expand, I don't need to play with the server config, although I probably won't ever have 255 hosts (smile). 

When a host comes on line, and gets its info from the dhcp server, I would like bind to map the machine's name and ip address in the lan zone.

Can someone please give ne some pointers on how to set up a dynamic dns for the lan zone, and what should go into named.conf pertaining to the lan zone in terms of the dynamic dns? Thanks in advance.
P.S. I am currently running my own static dns for romuald.net.eu.org, so I do have an understanding of the dns itself, it's just the dynamic part I don't know about.

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