serial port on thinkpad not showing

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at
Tue Aug 20 11:06:55 EDT 2002

Well, now I tried copying a file from a: to c: and then, since I still don't
have speech, doing a dir of c: and redirecting it to a file I can look at on my
other computer. I still got
volume in drive C has no label
I hope I don't have a defective C drive or something but it appears to be active
when I boot without a floppy.
I wonder if there is a way I can run msd (I assume I'd have to copy the
apropriate files to a floppy) and get it to do a full report all redirected to a
file. I seem to remember this can be done but I'd have to be able to do it
without a lot of maneuvering since I don't have speech.
An msd if it reported on the hard drive, would tell me how much space was taken
on the hard drive, etc.


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