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Fri Aug 16 15:04:29 EDT 2002

Yes this is simple.
Use cdparanoia to rip the tracks into wav files in an empty directory.
Then simply use cdrecord to record the .wavs to cd
if you don't mind the 2-second pregaps or use cdrecord
in dao mode to avoid these.
You can also use cdrdao with the wav2dao script to burn a pile of .wav files
in disk at once mode wit hno pregaps.
see for info on all this.
On Fri, Aug 16, 2002 at 09:37:56AM -0400, Scott Howell wrote:
> Folks, 
> Thanks for allowing my off topic questions on this subject. This seems
> to be where the experts live. I think I might have asked, but don't
> recall getting a response on this, but perhaps if someone did, it got
> lost in the eather.
> What I was wondering is if I have some cd's I'd like to copy just a few
> tracks off to make my own compilation which would be played on a
> standard cd player that knows nothing about mp3's etc; is there a way to
> copy the track without having to first make the original track an mp3 or
> vorbis file?
> Thought to ask in hopes of saving a step.
> tnx
> Scott
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