Highlight tracking

Steve Holmes steve at holmesgrown.com
Fri Aug 16 09:32:12 EDT 2002

One case where this doesn't work so well is when the cursor doesn't
follow the current menu selection.  I think the dialog shell system
does this and that would effect thinks like the slackware setup
menus.  I will say that the debian installer did seem to track well
when I was messing with a while ago.

I also think this is particularly a problem if the menu choices are
joined with an ok and/or cancle button; some how the buttons appear to
win out over the cursor battle.  Any further ideas on this part of it?

One common pattern I've seemed to find fairly consistant is when
pressing the down arrow with speech enabled, the correct choice is the
last thing spoken but if you press up arrow, the first thing spoken is
the correct choice.  When moving from right to left on choices side by
side, my experience has shown that moving right is like moving down
the menu and moving left would be like moving up a menu with up arrow
key.  The tricky part was when the menu wraps so if I pressed right
arrow one more time, it goes around to the beginning and then I get
confused a bit.  My latest example of this is found in centericq.

Hope thisn't too confusing:).

On Fri, Aug 16, 2002 at 06:39:02AM -0400, Kirk Reiser wrote:
> Hi Tim:  Speakup doesn't read any highlighting.  It just tracks the
> cursor.  You hear each move twice because the kernel turns
> highlighting off on the item it's leaving and turns it on on the item
> it is moving to.  There is no fast rule because each application
> controls what order the background/highlight change takes.  The best
> thing I do is in applications where there is a lot of cursor movement
> such as make menuconfig is turn off speech with the ins-enter and do a
> say line/word after each cursor movement.
>   Kirk
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