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Dear Angus:

Please read our supplied installation HOWTO, which you will find at:

You will find answers to the questions you've asked in this document. In 
fact, we wrote this document because these questions come up all the time.

On Wed, 14 Aug 2002, ADFM wrote:

> This Sunday I am sitting down with an experienced Linux user and getting help to install RedHat Linux. I have downloaded the RedHat ISO files to my HD from the Speakup FTP site. Now should I burn the ISO files to CDRW using Nero 5.50.90? Should I uncompress the ISO files some how before I burn them? Currently I am using Windows 98 SE with 320MB of RAM. Is there a CDRW disk type I should use?
> When I put the CD into the drive, will Speakup automatically recognize and use my DECTalk Express on COM1?
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