Installing Debian with Speakup

ADFM flodabay at
Sun Aug 4 14:24:34 EDT 2002

Thank you for the assistance. I ran:

cd linux
dosutils\loadlin linux root=/dev/ram speakup_synth=dectlk initrd=images-1.44/root.bin disksize=1.44

And The DECTalk Express on COM1 spoke. I started to go through the installation and got confused with partitioning the HD. I am running Windows 98 SE on my 14.2GB drive C and would like to install debian on my 14.2GB drive D. Do I need a swap partition? how big and would it be a new partition on my Maxtor HD? Yes I am planniing to have Lilo run and ask me to choose between Linux and Windows . Any help would be much appreciated.

Angus MacKinnon
Adaptive Computer Educator, ACE
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