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brian Moore admin at screenreview.org
Sat Aug 3 13:04:52 EDT 2002

couldn't agree more.  while it is nice that ms did this for the only
country in the g8 which doesn't have Government funded alternate media
production of some sort like the nls in the states, I thik the award
has more to do with the contribution to the library than any actual
work on the part of ms to make their stuff more usable by the blind.
the bit about Government responsibility for such a project is another
tangent which has no place on this list so I will save that for another
day and another place.


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On 8/3/02 at 1:59 PM Edward L. Barnes wrote:

>Hi Ann and list.
>?While I believe it is a great idea to nominate Kirk for such an award
>don't know how receptive the CNIB would be to such a nomination, after

>all, that not so wonderful organization which claims to be the be all 
>and end all of organizations for the blind in Canada which it isn't in

>my humble opinion doesn't have a link to the speakup project 
>http://www.linux-speakup.org site, not sure why, if it's a question of

>the fact they are unaware of the project or if it's a question of the 
>fact the CNIB doesn't think Speakup worthy of such a link.
>And, do you think the CNIB would actually bother to go to all the 
>trouble of bestoing an award upon someone who is just doing plane old 
>good work, or do you feel as I do and conclude that in this case the 
>level of publicity which this achieved and the fact that Uncle Bill
>a bit of pcket change into their digital library project has more to
>with the award? Just my wramblings on this one, am curious what others

>might think.
>Best regards to all.
>Ed Barnes
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>this is based entirely on a peculiar confusion of the words
>and 'successful.' Microsoft products are successful -- they make a lot
>money -- but that doesn't make them innovative, or even particularly
>On Sat, 3 Aug 2002, Ann Parsons wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Yeh, hear, hear, hear!
>> Ann P.
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