Where do the rpm's go?

Charles Crawford ccrawford at acb.org
Thu Aug 1 08:15:53 EDT 2002

Thanks for the information and I would like to see the dource code.  I have 
a database with 33 megs of information in it.  As far as mysql and so 
forth, I am interested in it, but don't have lots of time to learn a new 
program interface and scripting language.

-- charlie Crawford.
At 09:41 AM 7/31/02 -0400, you wrote:
>Somewhere I have some source code written by a friend of mine that will
>read and write .dbf files.  But unless you have a whole pile of data
>stored in .dbf files, I'm not sure why you would wnat to do this.
>posgresql and MySQL are far more powerful than any dbase engine ever
>      Jim Wantz WB0TFK
>On Mon, 29 Jul 2002, Charles Crawford wrote:
> >       Thanks for all the help folks.  I was hoping that I could get an 
> xbase
> > application for Linux that would essentially allow me to just program away
> > in xbase and compile applications.  Seems to me with these libraries, I
> > should be able to use a compiler that would create a program, but looks
> > like I need to create my own databases witht he dbf extension.  Well, this
> > is not about speakup and so will end it here.
> >
> > -- Charlie.
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