Can SPEAKUP run on an IIPAQ?

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Wed Jun 20 15:42:12 EDT 2001

Any possibility of seeing if Linux could run on Paulse Data's braille note? It currently runs Windows CE and keysoft 3.x.  So, I'm thinking it may be able to run Linux, but am not sure.  Any comments on this?

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>On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, Janina Sajka wrote:
>> I believe Raman is playing with emacspeak on an Ipaq with ViaVoice.  Yes,
>> compaq does seem to have Ipaq's with linux, and yes, you can connect a
>> cable.  Don't know about connecting a synth, though, and therein lies the
>> problem.  It adds up to too many umbilicals--one for the keyboard and one
>> for the synth? No thanks--at that rate, I'll just take a computer.

>Now here is the diliemma when talking about an IPAQ.  There are two
>distinct platforms.  One of these is the handheld.  The other is a mini
>tower.  The mini tower is a somewhat normal computer in a cute case with no
>floppy or CD by default.  It has support for floppy and CD in a hot swap
>bay very much like a laptop.  It is available either "legacy free" with no
>serial or parallel ports or in a "legacy" version which has 2 serial and a
>parallel.  The handheld has a USB connector.  They have a sleeve that is
>available that allows you to use a Type 1 pcmcia card.

>Now if this sounds confusing, I will assure you it is.  My company recently
>deployed close to 30 of the desktop units and 7 handhelds in a medical
>clinic.  We have been deploying the desktop units for some time and now we
>have some good confusion because both are IPAQs.  What really makes it fun
>is that a good number of people don't realize that both have the same
>name.  I am sure the same people came up with this scheme that decided that
>the ballpark the Texas Rangers play in should be named:
>The Ballpark (in Arlington).

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