Speakup-enabled kernels

Janina Sajka janina at afb.net
Mon Jun 18 14:24:09 EDT 2001

Aren't the messages on this list archived?

Don't believe anyone said speakup was built into the kernel as in the
kernel you get from ftp.kernel.org. Don't believe anyone said that.

What we did say is that the most common distributions in use on this list,
Redhat, Slackware, and Debian, have been tweaked, by folks on this list,
in order to include speakup. So, if you get your stuff from there, you'll
get kernels that include speakup. If you get your stuff elsewhere, you
won't (necessarily).

Now, once again, don't misunderstand. You cannot expect speakup if you
download your distribution from redhat.com, or debian.org, or slackware
dot whatever. You have to download from linux-speakup.org or

Can this be any clearer?
 On Mon, 18 Jun 2001, Cheryl Homiak wrote:

> Ok, I'm a bit confused, and I appologize for not having followed this
> thread better but I thought I knew what to do.  I downloaded the 2.4.5
> kernel and started working on it.  I tried to use my .checkout file to
> patch from the speakup cvs but was told there was no speakup module--I
> thought this was still available so hadn't really worried about this
> discussion.  Is speakup already built into the kernels or do I have to
> have a specially-enabled kernel?  If this is in the kernel, with which
> version did this start?  Is there a list somewhere of the synth commands
> to use with
> the append statement in lilo--I do remember that part of the discussion?
> I'm just upgrading my kernel from 2.2.19, not trying to install a new
> distribution.    Maybe I'm not looking in the right place, but I don't see
> anything about this on the speakup site.  I'm using debian and have just
> upgraded from potato to woody.
>                               Cheryl
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