speakup.i parameters

Matthew Janusauskas matthewj at core.com
Wed Jun 13 17:46:46 EDT 2001

Hi Scott,

I followed your instructions using option 4 of my startup disk, then with no
sppeech feedback, I changed to the directory on my hard drive containing the
rawrite application as well as the bootdisk image.  I then gave the
rawrite.exe dectlk.img a: command.  The a drive began working and was done
in a few minutes.  I then left the disk in the drive and rebooted.  First I
got the normal bios beep, and then the floppy drive ran and I got a new
second beep which I'm assuming is the boot prompt.  At that point I typed:
mount root=/dev/hda1 speakup_ser=0 rw

Then the a drive began working again for several mintes, and when it stopped
there was no speech, and control alt delete wouldn't even reboot the system
I had to manually power it down and restart.

I don't know what else to try at this point.  Fro my memory of trying this
about a year and a half ago on the old laptop I had this was all I did and
the system booted easily with speech even if I got the partition statement

What else can I try?


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I know that I had to use a completely Dos mode for my rawrite to
work right.  the Windows me Startup disk will work fine for that
remembering which way the menu is set up though is vital cause
you can either get Dos support with cd rom support as well as well
as minimal boot.  If the rawrite file is on the hard drive minimal boot
which is number four in their menu would work fine for Dos
operations such as this particular one.  I am running Windows Me

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