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I've always used pnp cards.  Well not always obviously however since pnp became popular I've used them in Linux and have not had any trouble.  Right 
now I use realtech ne2k compatible nics and they auto detect on irq and addresses.  I only load one module if I don't already have it compiled into the 
kernel and they both get detected.  I use the ne2k-pci driver for it and I've never had troubles.

On Sun, 15 Jul 2001 07:47:35 -0400, Ann Parsons wrote:

>Hi all,
><smile>  That's huccum I'm having my local guru put a NIC card in
>*before* the people come on Wednesday to put the DSL in.  We want a
>NIC card that is not P&P, or at least can be turned off.  Once the
>card is turned off, the IRQ and addy is stable, and you can tell Linux
>where it is.    I've learned through experience that P&P devices do
>not work well in Linux.  They *can* work, but it takes the devil's own
>time to make them work!  This is especially true if you're running a
>dual booting machine like I am.  First you have to go into Windows and
>find out what the addies and IRQ's are.  Then you have to go back into
>Linux and tell Linux where Windows has placed the stuff.  It's a royal
>pain in the anatomy!
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