Steve Holmes steve at
Mon Jul 9 10:05:32 EDT 2001

I have two linux boxes and two windows machines linked up over a local
ethernet.  I use a hub, however.  Don't know much about cross over cables.
My two linux boxes seem to work fine in my situation they both came up
without incident.  I bought a hub with eight ports for $60; I think 4 port
hubs are also available for less.

On Mon, 9 Jul 2001 mo.valli at wrote:

> Hi,
> Can someone please help?
> Basically, I have three PCs, one with WinMe and two with slakware Linux
> 7.21. Now, I am able to network either one of the Linux PCs with the WinMe
> PC using a crossover Ethernet cable, but I am unable to network the two
> Linux PCs together. ping works with the WinMe and Linux networking
> combination in either direction, but not with the two Linux PC combination
> network. Further more, when I check the Ethernet ports after issuing the
> ping command, the TX bytes field shows 0. and this is the same on both Linux
> PCS.
> Kind regards
> Mo.
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