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actually, msaa was a bid to get government us federal that is and other
entities here to buy in.

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On Mon, 2 Jul 2001, Ann Parsons wrote:
> Then, I guess I'm an idiot.  I fully admit it, I'm an idiot.  I want
> to tell you I went to the Zmud site with MSIE, and I tried to make the
> combo boxes work for me.  I tried alt-down arrow, and I tried pressing
> enter, and nothing worked.  Maybe I'm just an idiot.  I took a class
> in Windows, but it didn't seem to help.

I don't think this follows. I have watched a person quite familiar with
Jaws work and it is a hit or miss situation. Most sites work fine. But
notice that most. This of course leaves a huge number that don't work
with Jaws. And it isn't always script that causes the problem.

The fact remains that m$ has shown a committement to saying they have a
committment to accesibility. They own rights to put much of the Jaws
speech into their product and choose not to use it. They have released
major revisions to IE without MSAA catching up since making the
committment to always have them working together. They have released a
major revision of Office breaking the same promise. They released a
"new" version of Windows breaking the same promise. (Maybe two, I don't
know about WinME.)

MSAA is pure and simply an effort to appease the the blind community and
shut them up. It is nothing more. In 1998 they had a total of three
on the team with two people helping out. Five people to make a major
change to the OS work correct. That compares to hundreds working on the
rest. In fact, they had a distinct lack of bete testers who are blind.

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