speakup 1.0 and slackware 8.0

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Mon Dec 31 16:15:25 EST 2001

Hi, kirk. It is true most sited people use alot of things via xterm, but
think how many commandline apps there are that are not x based. Gcc comes to

Well, I know there is a new x server in Red Hat 7.2 and from what mmy family
tells me it seams to operate pretty good. They use it more than I do, and
they seam to like it alright.

At least it is a low cost alternative to MS Windows, and we can expect x to
get more stable as development is done to it to improve it.

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> On Tue, 1 Jan 2002, Shaun Oliver wrote:
> > I'm in agreement with you.
> > the shell is not for everyone.
> > but having said that, if people think that lthe x-windows system is
> > going to be like ms windows, they have another thing coming.
> > they'll be both pleasantly surprised and in for a nasty shock.
> > in as much as with linux there isn't as many crashes as there is with
> > windows but by the same token, it pays to learn as much about your
> > machine as possible because linux isn't going to hand hold anybody
> > either.
> First, I want to challenge the notion that the sighted world all uses
> X. Many of us (I am a sightling) don't. I will say the majority
> due. Perhaps an overwhelming majority do. But the impression I have gotten
> when I last went to a Linux User Group in the Dallas area is that many
> still use a command shell window within X.
> As for the stability factor, I haven't tried X in about 2 years. But 2
> years ago X had a long way to hve the stability of WIndows 9.x. I know
> that is blasphemy, but it is the truth. Perhaps the latest version are
> much better. I know that XFree has moved into the 4 series. But don't
> think that for a minute XFree 3 is as stable as Windows. I simply isn't,
> the good news being that you don't have to take the entire system down to
> recover. But if you have to restart the Windows, you have still lost
> everything that was running in that session. And it is still unstable.
> I would compare XFree version 3 with Windows version 3.
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