speakup 1.0 and slackware 8.0

Gregory Nowak gnowak1 at uic.edu
Sun Dec 30 19:41:07 EST 2001

I've had the same exact question from people who come from ms windows. Their first remark when linux is mentioned is "I don't want to have to remember or type all the weird commands".
It is true that most if not all on this list are familiar with DOS commands, but we need to remember that windows is what some blind and sighted people know, and that is the only thing they know.

On Sun, Dec 30, 2001 at 03:59:33PM -0500, Thomas Ward wrote:
> hey, he wanted to know Speakups limatations and I told him. Weather anyone
> wants to believe it or not x-windows is a big part of the sited world.
> Users that come from MS Windows often ask me if Linux has a gui just like
> Windows, and they want that ease of use. Many blind users won't use Linux
> just because they can't use x.
> I still use Windows and Linux, because I don't have the option of the rich
> apps for x. I'd like to be able to use Gnofin, Star Office, and plenty of
> other apps that should be accessible once Gnopernicus comes out.
> I have a vary fast 1.2 GHZ ddesktop computer with lots of ram, and x moves
> like a demon on my computer. I haven't noticed any memory or speed loss
> using x. X even runs pretty decently on my laptop which is only a p166 with
> 80 MB of ram. X operates better than MS Windows as far as speed, and I'm not
> sure what you are getting at as a memory hog.
> The point here is that the sighted world does use X for almost everything,
> and we should have access to that interface as well. I'll use any interface
> that gets me where I want to go, and any apps I chose to. Frankly, i am not
> sure why people complain about anyone who shows an interest in a graphical
> interface. The shell interface is not for everyone. I frankly can't remember
> every single command for Linux, and know it would be easier just to click a
> button or menu item to do that command.
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