speakup 1.0 and slackware 8.0

Raul A. Gallegos raul at asmodean.net
Fri Dec 28 18:06:52 EST 2001

Reinhard, I've put my comments intermixed with your quotes to
better answer your questions.

> Does anyone know if there are any boot disks and kernels built with speakup
> 1.0 in them?

I do not know if there any speakup 1.0 and slackware 8.0 boot disks but 
if not I can make some and offer them on the speakup site as well as to 

> Does anyone know how hard it would be to be to install slakware 7.1 with
> speakup then upgrade to speakup 1.0 and slakware 8.0?

It might be easier to just install slackware 8.0 which already comes
with speakup disks although they are not version 1.0.  Then upgrade to
speakup 1.0.  That is the easier and less intensive task.

> I am a very new user and am wanting to install slackware on a partition on
> my win 98 machine.  Thanks for any help.

I was a new user at one point and what I've discovered is that Linux is 
very flexible as well as easy to use but there is a lot of learning to
do.  Keep at it and you will do fine.  How large is the windows
partition you want to install slackware on and is it free of any data
on it?  The best thing would be to reformat the partition so that you
can have a native linux setup.  If you want to just get your feet wet
first and see how linux will work for you then zipspeak would be a good 
starting point.  zipspeak is based off slackware 7.1 and takes up
around 100 megs on an existing windows partition without destroying any 

> Also, could someone give me the packages that are not required for a blind
> sure (during install of the slackware package)?

Different people will answer differently on this.  for slackware I
personally only install packages a ap d f k n and y.  Others will also
install packages e if they want to use emacs system.  The g, kde, and x 
series are the graphical ones.

> What iso do I want to down load?

If you want to download an entire iso image then go with install.iso.
This iso image is the entire installation for burning onto a cd.  You
can get the speakup enabled kernel images off this if you like and
install from the floppies or the cd.

> Finally, can I buy slackware in the store?  Thanks for ay help.

yes there are stores around where you can get slackware but not all of
them may have upgraded their stock to 8.0.  It might be easier to order 
a cd off the net, they are very cheap but I don't have any sites on
hand I can recommend.  Others on the list might have them.  I could
also burn you a cd and mail it to you at no cost.

Best regards.

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