New Installation of Speakup 1.00

Jason unleet at
Thu Dec 27 20:44:23 EST 2001

On Thursday December 27, 2001 10:26 am, you wrote:
> OK. I think I didn't make myself very clear before. I did download and
> unpack the 2.4.17 version of the Linux kernel. Do I need to compile and
> boot with that kernel before I can patch it with the speakup installation?

No, you don't. If it were any patch other than speakup, I'd say that it might 
be a good idea, just to make sure the base linux system for that version runs 
ok on your machine. However there is no technical reason why you have to have 
a particular kernel running in order to patch that kernel's source tree, and 
that goes for any patch, not just speakup.

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