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Tue Dec 25 14:38:30 EST 2001

just one question,  What version of jfw was this?  Window eyes is a
great product if you don't mind putting up with having to write set
files to get around some basic problems like ctrl+r in outlook express
needing a pass through or you just want to use the pass through.  When I
used window eyes to drive my accent, I had to re set it for it to work
and it didn't do that good of a job at that.  This was not that many
versions ago.  I've had no memory leak problems with jaws but then each
person and circumstance are different.  I hear window eyes has great
braille display support at least that is what gw micro is saying.  Why
are we talking about windows on this list anyway <grin>  Happy season.

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Agreed! JFW is too unstable for me.  I have both Screen Readers.  Also,
is far more flakewise to setup.  JFW is too picky about video adapters.
have never seen any of JFW's source code but I bet they've never checked
thoroughly for memory leaks and the like.  But still, when one
won't work with one Screen Reader, I go to the other and sometimes
the only solution.  Typically, whenever I use JFW, I use it to drive the
Braille Display and do't bother with Eloquence which grates on me like
somebody scratching a chalkboard and it does a horrible interface to
Accent/SA or the Artic Transport which WinEyes does a fairly decent job
Let's see now! I betya ole David P is gonna get me for this one


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>I don't mean to start a windows screenreader war here, but when I use
windows (which is not often), I use window-eyes as I consider jfw to be
inferrior product just like most jfw users feel about wineyes.
>On Mon, Dec 24, 2001 at 12:28:29PM -0500, Barry Pollock wrote:
>> if your program talks at all with jaws.
>> just write a script.
>> the jaws script language is quite simple.
>> just take a script file from a similar program,
>> modify its source and save it to the name of the executable you are
>> compile it and away you go.
>> there are lots of examples in the  jfw scripts directory.
>> Barry
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