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Hi Everybody,

It is with a heavy heart that I write this message to you.

Yesterday morning at ten o'clock, Michigan time, Ricky L. Hayner, W A 8 J Q
V, became a silent key. He had cancer, and the radiation and chemotherapy
did their number on him. Saturday night, he went into a coma, and he never
came out of that coma.

Rick was my first true friend, my first real love!! After the romance died
down, we became the best of friends. He had such a zest for life, and he
was a devout Christian, so he was peaceful with the whole cancer thing.

The funeral will be on the twenty-seventh of December in Portland,
Michigan, but his former fiancee didn't tell me the name of the funeral home.

If you would like to write to either or both Leah, his former fiancee or
Rick's mother and sister, here are the addresses you can use. I don't have
E-Mail addresses for either of them.

His mother's postal address is as follows:

Thelma Hayner and Daughter Tani.
1218 Bridge Street,
Portland Michigan

I have no zip code for that address. I'm sorry, just didn't write that down.

Rick's former fiancee, who is taking this very, very hard:

Leah Cowels,
4410A Lilac Lane, Apartment 144,
Kalamazoo, Michigan  49006.

If you have any amusing stories to tell about Rick from the airwaves, this
would be a good time to share them with the family and his former fiancee.

Thanks for listening and following up,

Reeva Parry, K8DMU

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