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Shaun Oliver shauno at goanna.net.au
Sun Dec 23 04:05:37 EST 2001

ok the ports u need to open are:
2074 2075 2076.
4074 4075 4076.
make sure those ports are using the udp protocol or just to be safe do
what I did and allow them for tcp as well.
and to enter the url for speakup reflecter u go to new connection then
type the following line.
note the coalon between the url and the port number.

On Sun, 23 Dec 2001, Amanda Lee wrote:

> Okay, I did try the older dsound.dll files but noticed there's a .vxd file
> so I copied the newer versions  along with the dsound.dll into the speakfre
> directory and it works now but the menus aren't spoken but can get those
> from the pulldown okay.  I used the 'n' option for new connection and
> entered the url for speakup but don't hear anything.  I've got a firewall
> here so may have to see about unblocking the ports as this is a problem
> mentioned in the information on the site.
> Guess I'll try this later.  Need to get some sleep here or may be talking in
> stream of unconsciousness hahah!
> Thanks all and to the others for the mass of chatter I generated on here.
> Amanda
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