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Fri Dec 21 14:05:11 EST 2001

I'm not a zipspeak user, but ...

My recollection is that you can start from your hard disk. You will need 
to shutdown to MS DOS, or restart to a C: prompt by any of the methods 
that accomplish that.

You've probably put zipspeak into its own directory per instructions. So, 
go ahead and cd to that drive and directory.

Look for batch files. I believe there's at least one. You'll need to tweak 
it for your synth and serial port, or simply issue the appropriate command 
with arguments.

Major Tip: In linux, serial ports are ttyS0 for DOS/Windows com1, ttyS1 
for com2, etc. Note there's a capital letter S in there. That fact is 

Your speechsynthesizer is designated ltlk by speakup. So, that part of the 
command becomes speakup_synth=ltlk.

Good luck, and let us know how you do.

PS: I've no idea what scsi support is, or is not, in the zipspeak distro, 
but recognize that zipspeak is a trimmed down, slimmed down, kind of 
beast. So, if it isn't recognized, that doesn't mean linux doesn't support 

 On Fri, 21 Dec 2001, Jason 
Symes wrote:

> Another thing I forgot to mention in my post. I'm running a doubletalk lt
> on my com1 port. Being that I've never tried any os not produced by ms, I'm
> not sure how to start ZipSpeak with the doubletalk lt. I checked the
> readme.1st and the zipspeak.txt files in the same ftp folder as the
> zipspeak.zip file, and I gathered that I had to download the lt's boot disk
> image and create a boot floppy with that image file decoder (the file's
> name escapes me). Is this correct, or is there a shorter way for a linux
> novice to start the lt?
> tia, and merry Christmas.
> Jason Symes
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