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Fri Dec 21 11:49:47 EST 2001

Fundamentally Gnopernicus will not talk until X is loaded.  Having said
this, since Mandrake/SuSE/Redhat all have X based installers the
installations could be modified to include gnopernicus.  From this point,
the only thing you couldn't do, either during setup or normal use is read
startup messages until you've logged in.

Thanks, Saqib
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> Hello list:
> Isn't Gnopernicus going to make provisions for blind and visually impaired
> persons to be able to install and configure a distribution from the ground
> up similar to what Speakup does?
> Or is it going to be a JFW similarity for the Gnome II desktop, leaving us
> back to a windows
> 9-X NT situation, where we have to in list once again, the assistance of
> sited, to read our screens up until Gnopernicus can be started? I'm
> for the Official release so that I can look at Mandrake as a distribution.
> How ever, I'm going to be getting my feet wet with Slackware next week.
>  In case I don't post a message on the list before Christmas:
> every one have a mary Christmas and a prosperous new year.
> Michael VO1RYN
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