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The gnome accessibility will be just that--gnome. Their focus is 
applications on the gnome desktop, and that's a very good thing.

We'll still have speakup and brltty for the rest of it. Rather a win win 
scenario, I think.

On Fri, 21 Dec 2001, Michael wrote:

> Hello list:
> Isn't Gnopernicus going to make provisions for blind and visually impaired
> persons to be able to install and configure a distribution from the ground
> up similar to what Speakup does?
> Or is it going to be a JFW similarity for the Gnome II desktop, leaving us
> back to a windows
> 9-X NT situation, where we have to in list once again, the assistance of the
> sited, to read our screens up until Gnopernicus can be started? I'm waiting
> for the Official release so that I can look at Mandrake as a distribution.
> How ever, I'm going to be getting my feet wet with Slackware next week.
>  In case I don't post a message on the list before Christmas:
> every one have a mary Christmas and a prosperous new year.
> Michael VO1RYN
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