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Sun Dec 16 19:22:40 EST 2001

How would you do this under Debian?  I looked for rc.local, and don't seem 
to have one.  I have an NTFS partition that I would like to have mounted 
everytime I boot into Linux.


At 08:15 PM 12/14/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi, under Red Hat there is a soft link for the cdrom in /mnt/cdrom.
>So for me I type mount /mnt/cdrom and the drive gets loaded.
>The easiest whay to know where your cdrom is to see if it is on the 
>primary or secondary controler. Typically, the cdrom is the first drive on 
>the secondary controler which is /dev/hdc.
>If you want a drive such as a zip to automatically mount on startup add it 
>to your /etc/rc.local file if using Red Hat.
>For me I enter the line:
>mount /mnt/zip100.0/
>in /etc/rc.local, and my zip drive is always loaded on startup.
>However, something like a floppy isn't good to load on startup, because it 
>is unlikely there is a floppy in the drive on startup as with my zip drive.
>What you might do is create an alias in your /etc/bashrc file called 
>floppy, and type that command and it will mount it for you.
>For example on my Red Hat box I have an alias line like this:
>alias loadfd= 'mount /mnt/floppy/'
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>>My floppy is /dev/fd0 and the hard drive's linux is on /dev/hda5.  How is 
>>a cdrom accessed with linux?  Do I need to mount that drive?  Is there a 
>>way to fix it so I do not have to mount the floppy after logging on all 
>>the time?
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