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Thomas Ward tward at bright.net
Fri Dec 14 20:15:18 EST 2001

Hi, under Red Hat there is a soft link for the cdrom in /mnt/cdrom.
So for me I type mount /mnt/cdrom and the drive gets loaded.
The easiest whay to know where your cdrom is to see if it is on the primary or secondary controler. Typically, the cdrom is the first drive on the secondary controler which is /dev/hdc.
If you want a drive such as a zip to automatically mount on startup add it to your /etc/rc.local file if using Red Hat.
For me I enter the line:
mount /mnt/zip100.0/
in /etc/rc.local, and my zip drive is always loaded on startup.
However, something like a floppy isn't good to load on startup, because it is unlikely there is a floppy in the drive on startup as with my zip drive.
What you might do is create an alias in your /etc/bashrc file called floppy, and type that command and it will mount it for you.
For example on my Red Hat box I have an alias line like this:

alias loadfd= 'mount /mnt/floppy/'

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  My floppy is /dev/fd0 and the hard drive's linux is on /dev/hda5.  How is a cdrom accessed with linux?  Do I need to mount that drive?  Is there a way to fix it so I do not have to mount the floppy after logging on all the time?
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