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Saw this on another list and thought you might all like a laugh!


I wish people would stop circulating these things!Oh well, if you can't beat
them, join them...

Microsoft Claims hehe.gullable is Worst Virus Ever, and for Ever and ever!

A friendly Microsoft employee sent me this warning personally. He opened it
by mistake and it played all the Microsoft tunes backwards and painted horns
and a moustache on all the images of Bill Gates in the head quarters
computers thus getting him the sack. It's so powerful that minutes later all
the MS employees in the great corporation ran out of the building screaming
that they're computers were trying to take over the world and resistance is

The BBC reports the virus which is called hehe.gullable (or nasty little
bugger) as the worst ever. It caused mass panic in London and Croiden
carpark is reported to have been closed for at least half an hour as a large
pothole was spotted.

This virus is activated simply by being recieved as an email which is why it
it is so dangerous. As yet no vaccination has been effective. Mr Kurtz
Coldsore of Norton Semantic stated yesterday their anti-virus software is
useless. Everyone knew that anyway. The only solution is to unplug your
computer for several days and hope it goes away, he said.

heehee.gullable works by reading your address book and having a good laugh
at how few real friends you've got. Then it sends itself to everyone in your
address book, all your relatives and friends current and passed, your boss
and work colleagues, anybody significant you've ever met in your life as
well as anyone you've ever snogged drunkenly at a party. It advises them you
really are the sad b*** they always thought you were and they were right
all along about that twenty quid you swore you'd paid them back already.

The really devistating part of the virus is the payload. It places not one
but three zeros on your hard disk causing it to move and delete files that
you were sure you'd saved and now can't find. If this has happened to you
then it may already be working. It drops a trojan (called
they'll.never.spot.me.disguised.as.a.big.horse!) whhich in turn opens a
porthole for a worm called Jack.Straw. This worm starts eating all the chips
on your PC and then the rest of it as well from the inside out. It only
stops if it can't find the tomato sauce - which it will, even if it has to
send you down to the local shops.

Before unplugging your PC please warn everyone by sending this to everyone
on your Address Book. I'm too technically inept  to write a virus but i can
always clutter up the internet with this junk instead.

John Gurd

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