transfering linux system to another hard drive

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You need to either use Drive Image or Drive copy.



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I apologize for the cross-post, but I'm trying to get info as soon as
possible; even if somebody has just seen this on one of these lists and can
steer me toward the correct archive it would be appreciated. My hard drive
with linux is failing; I have just obtained a 20gig drive which will have
both my dos and linux on it. All drives--my dying linux drive, my old and
tiny dos drive, and my new drive--are all connected to the computer. I will
have to partition the hard drive, but it is being recognized correctly in
the bios and linux. Eventually, the dying drive
(hda) will be removed as will the dos drive (hdd) and the new drive (hdb)
will become hda.  I want to know if there is a way to transfer my linux from
the dying 2.5gig drive to the new 20gig; I am assuming I will first need to
partition the hard drive and the partitioning will probably be somewhat
different from the old drive due to the difference in size. Sorry for the
info repeat to those on blinux. I know I saw a discussion of just this
problem somewhere recently but haven't been able to locate it. Also, can I
make my partition that will hold dos with linux since I have no data already
onthe hard drive to protect? thanks. Cheryl

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