Trouble with RedHat 7.2 boot disk.

Darrell Shandrow nu7i at
Sun Dec 2 20:10:24 EST 2001

Hi all,

OK; I downloaded the boot.img from the Speakup site which is supposed to 
constitute the boot disk for starting the RedHat 7.2 installation with 
speech.  I made it into a boot disk with the following command:

dd if=boot.img of=/dev/fd0 bs=1440k

After this, with the first RedHat 7.2 CD in the CDROM drive, I booted from 
the boot disk, waited until all disk activity stopped, then typed the 
following command to get started with the Accent PC synthesizer:

text speakup_synth=acntpc

There was some more disk activity, but silence, no speech at all.  Where 
have I gone wrong?


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