Matthew Campbell mattcampbell at pobox.com
Sat Apr 28 14:25:04 EDT 2001

Chris Nestrud wrote:

> Try looking into jabber

I have looked into Jabber quite a bit already.  The sjabber client you
mentioned appears to be written for group-chat only, and not for
general instant-message functions.  There is another more
general-purpose console Jabber client.  This one is called JabberX,
and the Web site is at:


This client currently lacks a decent line-input routine that includes
the usual editing features and properly clears the input area once the
user has pressed enter.  I have looked for re-usable solutions to this
problem, and every ncurses-based program implements its own input
routine, so it's not a matter of just using functions in a standard

The next thing that JabberX needs is the ability to register new
accounts and register with the various transports (ICQ, AIM, MSN
Messenger Service, etc.).

Another possibility is EJab, a Jabber client for Emacs.  The Web site
for that is at:


Web site:  http://www.pobox.com/~mattcampbell/

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