braille translators for Linux

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at
Fri Apr 27 19:35:14 EDT 2001

Turbo braille (probably the better one for linux): or for direct download:

Don't worry if you get a warning when compiling this.

or direct download:
You compile this too but you still have to move some files by hand and I
recall there's one file the instructions don't tell you to move that you
do have to move.  You'll know what the file is when you try to run the
program and get the error about the file it needs.
The one nice thing about this program as opposed to turbobraille is that
you can backtranslate from braille into text which comes in handy if you
want to download and read web-braille from NLS and don't have a braille
display.  No reason you can't put them both on your compter, of course, if
you like turbo braille better for translation but want to be able to

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