remote booting

Kirk Reiser kirk at
Wed Apr 25 08:18:59 EDT 2001

Geoff Shang <gshang at> writes:

> Of course, now that I've written all this, it occurs to me that your system
> will have to at least partially boot before such altered settings could
> come into effect.  any chance of making these command line params, Kirk?

Hmmm, a person should really need to fuck with these at all once the
correct values have been determined.  I think I would suggest that if
changing them in a start-up script isn't good enough they could change
the default values in the code and recompile.  If they don't know
where they are in the code a question here or on the reflector and we
can tell them where to find them.

If someone finds better values in general then we have found for a
given synth, they should let us know so the defaults can be changed
and everyone with that synth will reap the benefits.



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