Redhat 7.1 Boot Disks Not Talking?

Tommy Moore stp at
Tue Apr 24 20:22:40 EDT 2001

Hey there. Its easy to make the RH 7.1 boot disks talking.
These disks are made so that they support all synths so you'll have to
pass the speakup_syth option like this:
text speakup_synth=dtlk
And when you install the system select speakup map instead of US.
What I jsut do is hit t to go to the t maps and then go up twice or
three times to the speakup on.
Also I've been wanting to ask Bill what the speakup-lt map is, but
never got around to it so help on what that one is would be cool.
Anyways when you get down to the lilo section pay attention to when it
asks you for command line options to pass to the kernel. You don't
need to type the append before your options so in the box just go:
That's all that I can really think of that you do different ot get
things to work with speakup and RH 7.1. I've installed it more than
once using this method so it should work nice.
Thanks a bunch Bill.

On Tue, Apr 24, 2001 at 11:24:00AM -0700, Pete De Vasto wrote:
> Hi, everyone:
> I've downloaded boot.img from the RedHat 7.1 directory in 
> because I want to upgrade my system from RedHat 7.0 
> to 7.1.  I currently have speakup running through a DoubleTalk LT 
> synthesizer.  After creating the boot disk, when I reboot from diskette, I 
> type "text" at the boot prompt, but the DoubleTalk will not speak.  If, on 
> the other hand, I create a boot from ltlkb.bin from the 
> FTP site, it DOES talk during the boot.   Am I missing something in terms 
> of using the 7.1 boot disk?
> Thanks, as always, for any help.
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