pdf_sec.ps patch

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at worldfront.com
Sun Apr 22 14:40:11 EDT 2001

There are three ways that I know of to translate pdf files to text.  The
first, and easiest if it works, is to use "pdftotext" which, at least in
Debian, is part of xpdf but does not require xwindows.  The second, if
this is something on the web, is to type the url in as a google search;
usually, there will be a text version provided through google; may work
with other search engines also but I've only tried it with google.  The
third way, if all else fails, is to try sending it as an attachment to
pdf2txt at sun.trace.wisc.edu.  You will receive back a translation.
I have had at least one site where I can get translation through google
but when I try downloading the files and translating with pdftotext I get
all sorts of errors about "unable to open temporary file".  The url is
http://calvarychapel.com/children/site/Old/Curr001 (acctually, there are a
bunch of curriculum files and 001 is the first; different numbers added to
the url give different lessons, but I can't translate any of them
successfully and got an error when I sent them to the email address).  If
anybody can shed light on this I would appreciate it.


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